Cleaning the Grossest Parts of the House

Keeping your home germ-free is essential when you’re trying to stay healthy, especially as flu season creeps closer. Stock up on cleaning cloths wholesale, bleach and scrubbing brushes; you’re going to need them!


You wipe your counters and do your dishes every day, but your kitchen might actually be a lot dirtier than you expected it to be. Germs love dark, moist places and your kitchen sink, refrigerator and dishwasher happen to fit the criteria.

  • Empty your refrigerator and give the inside a good cleaning. Make a solution of dish soap, water and vinegar and spray the walls and shelves. Clean drawers and removable shelves in the bathtub and let them soak with hot water and dish soap. When you reorganize your fridge, follow the tips for stocking it correctly.
  • Rinse and spray your sink with hot water and soap after every use, and nightly spray it down with bleach solution and wipe it with your cleaning cloths to kill any existing bacteria.
  • When your dishwasher is empty, check the inside for any food residue or anything foreign like broken glass and paper from labels. Scoop out any residue with a cloth or napkin and run your empty dishwasher on a wash cycle with vinegar and baking soda. This will eliminate any odors and freshen the plastic and metal inside the machine itself.


Kids are Petri dishes, especially if they attend public school or daycare. Clean their play area to prevent them from getting sick.

  • Run hard plastic toys through the dishwasher and let the heated dry cycle do its job. This is a natural way to sanitize toys without using chemicals.
  • Wash all curtains, pillows and blankets that might be in the room on the hottest cycle your washing machine has.
  • Sanitize doorknobs and light switches with a bleach solution and your wiping rags.

Take a day to deep clean the nastiest parts of your house to kill any bacteria or mold that might be making you sick. Preventing illness early can help keep you healthy for longer.