Making Your Kitchen Child Friendly

Introducing your children to how food is prepared and getting them involved in this from a young age will help them make healthier food choices later in life. Doing this will also help to prevent picky eating. Introducing your children to the kitchen will also help them build skills which benefit them in their adulthood. They will also have fond memories of the time spent together.

Before you start trying to get your children into the kitchen, you need to ensure that you have created a welcoming environment. The environment should also be safe so you can teach your children the wonders of food preparation, cooking and eating without any worries. If you ate unsure where to start with this, there are some tips that you can use.

Avoid Sharp Edges

The head of your young child will be at the same height as the kitchen cupboard handles and worktops. Young children also do not have full spatial awareness which means that bumps and cuts will happen often. A lot of modern kitchen designs have sleek edges and if you have young children you need to consider this. It is better to have a kitchen design with rounded edges instead.

You should also consider kitchen units that do not have handles. This will reduce the chance of bumps and the temptation to pull on the handle. Adding some magnetic locks to your lower units is also important and you should keep dangerous kitchen items out of reach.

Safe Hot Areas

There is no amount of childproofing that will make up for vigilance, but there are some steps that you need to take. This is particularly important when you look at the hot areas of your kitchen such as the hob and the boiling kettle. If possible, you should invest in an induction hob instead of a gas or electric one.

These hobs are designed to heat the pots and pans and not the actual hob. Once you have finished cooking on them, the hot area will return to a safe temperature much faster.

You might also install some glass splashbacks in your kitchen so that if you do cook with your little ones, there’s not so much mess to clean up afterwards!

Have A Childs Cupboard

While you need to make the kitchen child safe, you also need to provide your children with some space to explore and learn. This will help them take their first steps to enjoying cooking and food. One of the best solutions will be to have a cupboard that is just for them.

You will need to choose a low-level base unit for this as they are easier for children to access. The cupboard should then be equipped with food stuffs, safe utensils and safe equipment. Your child’s favourite plastic cups and bowls should be there so they can set their own place at the table.

Enjoy Yourself

If you want to ensure that your kitchen is a child friendly room, you need to be just as friendly when you are there with your children. When you take all the steps to make the kitchen safe, you are giving yourself the chance to enjoy your time in the kitchen with your children. When you are relaxed in the kitchen, it will have a long-term effect on your children and make them associate the room with good things.

Whether you are preparing food for the whole family together, playing or having a family meal, you need to make the kitchen the heart of your home. Making the room child safe will give you more time to spend with your children without any worries.