Types of Generators that Use Steam

There are many ways to convert a substance into heat, or an energy source that can be used to power machinery. A steam generator is a type of equipment that is designed to convert a liquid into vapor. The liquid is generally water and the vapor is commonly known as steam. The way the generator works is that it heats the liquid by burning a substance. The substance may be coal, wood, natural gas or petroleum. To change the liquid into steam, the generator pressurizes the liquid and expands it. The following is a snapshot of the type of generators that use steam.

The Steam Solar Powered Generators

Solar power generators that use steam are the cleanest source for boiling water. It requires water. The water is sent through tubes located in the solar panel. While the water is in the tubs, the sun heats it. The water then runs through steam turbines. Once there, the water creates electricity. Unlike other types of generators that use steam, it doesn’t not cause pollution or waste products.

Fire Tube Boilers that Use Steam

The first generators to use steam were boilers, and they were used to power trains and steamboats. These boilers required the use of fire boxes to generate fuel. At first, the fire boxes used a wood-burning technique. Later, the boilers used coal.
Connected to the fire boxes are tubes. These tubes are connected to a water chamber. This is where the water is heated and turns into steam. Once it becomes steam, it releases the gasses via a smoke stack.

Generators that Use Water Tube Boilers

Water tube boilers were invented after the fire boilers. It is a type of generator created so that the steam generated could produce high pressure. In fact, a higher pressure that could come from a generator run on steam from a fire box. Water flowed through the generator via tubes. These tubes were at an angle. While the water is in the tubes, it’s heated. The higher the pressure from the steam, the faster the machine goes. This is one type of generator that uses steam that actually uses less heating fuel.

A Generator for Heat Recovery

A heat recovery generator, is also called a heat exchanger. The steam used in this system recovers the high pressure hot gas. This means that it uses the steam after it’s been running through a series of heat exchanges. The reason for this type of generator is to power machines that don’t need a lot of power to work. The heat recovery generator that uses steam can even be used to supply steam heat for homes and industrial buildings.

Combustion Heat Generator that uses Steam

Combustion heat generators also use steam. These generators are similar to the heat exchange generators discussed in the prior section. However, they can produce a higher amount of pressure. In fact, combustion heat generators can power plants because they create so much pressure from steam.